President's Message


Our company started in 2006 as a drug discovery venture company from Nagahama Institute of Bioscience and Technology. Since then, based on our abundant experience and knowledge in drug discovery R&D, we have focused on identifying and evaluating new drug discovery targets and developing drug lead compounds, especially in the oncology area. Recently, we have been pursuing innovation in drug discovery by fusing with AI, and as a result, we have developed and patented "cell visualization technology".


"Cell visualization technology" was born from the fusion of AI/deep learning with the core technology of cell culture and imaging that we have cultivated so far. This technology converts transmitted light images from cell imagers and microscopes into fine digital fluorescent images that show the properties of cells, enabling "visualization" of cells. In addition, as a result of the ultimate technology, even in a high-density cell population such as a mature colony of iPS cells, quantitative counting of digitally generated cell nucleus images enables highly accurate measurement of cell number, area, density, etc.


Currently, there is an increasing need for non-invasive and continuous quantitative observation of the proliferation, morphology, and properties of living cells in the applications of manufacturing and quality control of therapeutic cells and drug discovery of iPS cells in regenerative medicine. We are confident that "cell visualization technology" can provide a solution that fully meets these needs. In fact, we accurately respond to the on-site needs and issues of cell medicine and drug discovery researchers and engineers of our customers' pharmaceutical companies. As a result, we are increasing the track record of providing custom-made digital cell measurement systems. We have received the satisfaction of our customers there.


Our dream is to accumulate more achievements in the future and evolve "cell visualization technology" into the essential technology of cell medicine and drug discovery. In a world where that dream has come true, we are convinced that "cell visualization technology" has made it widely possible to eliminate bottlenecks in cell manufacturing/quality control and drug discovery processes, improve system efficiency, and reduce manufacturing/R&D costs.


We believe that innovation and invention are the most important values, and will continue to challenge the innovation and sophistication of our technology. Based on these efforts, we would like to continue to open up further frontiers in order to contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world in collaboration with our client pharmaceutical companies.



April 2022

Tamio Mizukami, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Frontier Pharma Inc.